Villa Vilina Dubrovnik background

The Vilina Family settled on Lopud in 1792 after having purchased the estate of the Sorgo family of Dubrovnik patricians. By World War I the family worked the land and made a name as the producer of high quality wine from the then reserved sandy vineyard. With the first burgeons of tourism on Lopud in early twenties of the last century, the family took to tourism using all the benefits from the fertile estate known as Vilinovo. St.John's Bread, figs, grapes, tangerines and olives from the garden are some of the blessings adorning the table of our guests.

Villa Vilina is now renovated to the highest standard for guests with high demands for privacy and culture combinet with modern facilitys. So, come over! Stay with the history, toast with a cup of the rose brandy and rekindle your own memories as well! The old coat of arms of the family will meet you at the door.